Written by David Persiva
Performed by Sophie Larsen and David Persiva
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Bridge Week 2019
Photos and video by Toby Jeffries
'Us' is about a couple at breaking point. They've built a life together, and that life consists of what's for dinner, how was your day, have you fed the cat. Is it too late to start again? Does the magic of the start of a relationship justify the mundane of the middle?

The script of 'Us' gave me a lot of wiggle-room in terms of staging and set. I trapped the couple in a maze of their own everyday household objects, and focussed on what the couple couldn't say as much as what they could. We also performed by lamplight and sometimes by no light at all, casting the couple into varying states between anxiety and calmness, and between the present and past.
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