Hi! I'm Katie, a director, writer, and creative: raised in St Albans, made in Glasgow, and currently swimming and exploring my way around Australia. Here's a whistlestop tour of all the stuff I get up to:

I direct theatre and opera, and am currently taking my first steps into film. I tell stories in unusual, unexpected ways; the work I make must say something urgent about being alive right now. Recently, my work has been focussed on contemporary, devised work (sometimes with my music-theatre company, demo) and I often undertake engagement projects with young people and community casts.

I'm a freelance creative copywriter, and I also write fiction and features — most recently as a monthly contributor to SNACK Magazine.

Finally, I'm an artistic roller skater (I know, very rogue.) I teach people of all ages and abilities to skate, and perform as part of event and promo work. And no, I've never directed Starlight Express.

To see visuals of my latest work, download my CV, and get in touch, have a click through the links in the dropdown menu.
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