Devised by the company from a concept by Katie Smith
Directed by Katie Smith
Musical Direction by Simone Seales
Performed by Luke Brady and Simone Seales
demo theatre collective @ The Georgian House, Edinburgh Fringe 2021
Photos by Toby Jeffries
In 2021, Simone Seales and I set up demo, a company whose ambition is to bring the magic of music and theatre to new audiences. 'We just need to get through this' was our first show.
Intertwining the story of an unsustainable relationship in decline with a total climate apocalypse, 'We just need to get through this' used experimental music to question the limits of language, and our capacity as humans to change for the better.
“This is a piece that isn’t always easy to watch or listen to, but it is necessary. The message is important and how it is delivered needs to be experienced to be believed. This is what the Fringe is all about.” -- The Student Newspaper
“'A creative, richly-crafted blend of eloquent music and poetic text. Performed with quiet, soulful emotion, the moments of heartbreaking silence speak louder than words.” -- The Edinburgh Guide
“The show’s key strength [...] is its use of music. They experiment with sound, deconstructing the noises their instruments can make – scratching, tapping, almost attacking the apparatus to create distorted, dissonant sounds that echo their characters’ conflicted mental and emotional states.” -- The Wee Review
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