Devised by the company from a concept by Emma Smith
Directed by Katie Smith
Performed by Emma Smith
Camden People's Theatre, March 2022
The Flying Duck, Glasgow, July 2022
Gladstone's Land @ EdFringe, August 2022
Photos by yours truly on 35mm film!
The Virgin Travels is a journey through queerness, Catholicism, and identity. Following the lifespan of one woman, we witness her struggle to reconcile her restrictive upbringing with her sexuality, and learn to love her true self.
Challenging, powerful and often funny, The Virgin Travels uses music and movement to celebrate the difficulties and rewards of female queerness. We journey with The Virgin as she fights to break free from her learned restraints of religion, the male gaze, shame and compulsory heterosexuality.
"This show is the embodied definition of storytelling. Expertly using costumes, props, sound, music, movement, dance, facial expressions, and perhaps about 100 words, even the least enlightened audience could understand the show’s message without confusion. 
The Virgin Travels is billed as 'exploring queerness, Catholicism, and identity.' It also humbly omits that it is a show of internal conflict, of rejecting what we are told we should be in favour of what we are, and of the literal shedding of the skins we put on to please others and exist in the one that pleases ourselves the most." — The Edinburgh Guide
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