Based on scenes from Gian Carlo Menotti's The Consul
Australian Contemporary Opera Co. @ 333 Collins Street,
Naarm/Melbourne, April 2023
Photos by Hamish Brown
A waiting room in an office block. People come, people go. Everyone who manages to speak to the secretary inexplicably has the wrong papers, and will have to come back tomorrow. They try again. They wait. They try again. They wait.
The characters and audience members of Endure experience the futile, absurd situation together. Performed on repeat in a six-hour, marathon-style performance, Endure highlights the frustrating systems of bureaucracy  in the way of people seeking help from our governments, and asks audiences to empathise by experiencing the wait with them.
For this project, we collaborated with Conversations From Calais, whose posters resonated with the stories we were telling, and reminded the audience of the reality and urgency of the crisis migrants are currently facing.
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